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Temperature Sensor Radiation Error in an Aerospace Furnace

How Peak Sensors helped a customer with Temperature Sensor Radiation Error in an Aerospace Furnace.
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Triplex thermocouple drawing

Triplex Thermocouple Designs For Glass Manufacture

A triplex thermocouple is a temperature sensor that is commonly used in a glass forehearth. We manufacture triplex thermcouples. Contact us for a quote.
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Cable rtd sensor

Achieving Temperature Sensor Accuracy

It is inevitable for all the manufacturers in the design and manufacturing process to completely eradicate error. However, quality element makers, sensor makers and calibration ...
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MI thermocouple with a head

AMS 2750 Thermocouples For Aerospace Engineering

Most aerospace heat treatment applications require AMS 2750 thermocouples. AMS 2750 F is simply a standard used by sensor manufacturers that details that all thermocouples ...
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High temperature thermocouple with a platinum thimble

Glass Furnace Temperature Sensors

If you're looking for temperature sensors for your glass manufacturing process, then we're here to help. We are trusted suppliers of custom built temperature sensors ...
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Response curve

Thermal Response and Temperature Sensors

The thermal response of a temperature sensor is the speed at which it responds to a sudden change in temperature. We can design temperature sensors ...
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