What Is Platinum DPH - Dispersion Hardened Platinum?

What is Platinum DPH / Pt DPH?

Platinum DPH or Dispersion Hardened Platinum is an oxide dispersion hardened grade of pure platinum.

Platinum DPH applications

Platinum DPH is used in high-temperature applications in cases when Rhodium cannot be tolerated or in times of high Rhodium process. Example of applications include glass manufacturing, crystal growth crucibles, thermocouple thimbles, casting dishes, semi-finished products, crucibles, and electrodes. It is also used as a lining for refractory components or in thermocouple sheaths for the use in glass melts.

Platinum DPH benefits

The hardening which results from the oxide particles, represents the most effective strengthening mechanism of the material. Due to the modified microstructure, Pt DPH is less sensitive to corrosion processes along the grain boundaries than comparable materials. These characteristics allow for extended life leading to the precious metal to be used much more economically. For example, the wall thicknesses of Pt DPH compared to Pt would be reduced.

Platinum DPH key characteristics

  • General Designation: Platinum DPH
  • Applications: crucibles, electrodes, casting dishes, semi-finished products, glass manufacturing, crystal growth crucibles, thermocouple thimbles
  • Product Forms: wire, sheet, tube
  • Density (g/cm³): 21.45



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