Rare Metal Thermocouple Elements

Special Options

All our thermocouples are custom made, as such we are able to tailor your sensors exactly to your requirements. There are many extra options available including:

Individual Wires

Elements can be supplied as separate spooled wires without a junction.

Extra Ceramics

Ceramic insulators can be purchased separately as well as part of an element.

Material Certificates

Material certificates are available on request.

Fish Spine Beads

Ceramics can be purchased as fish spine beads rather than lengths of insulator.


Full UKAS or UKAS traceable calibration is available. AMS 2750 F to full or traceable calibration is available.

Thermocouple Elements

As well as full thermocouples we can supply rare metal thermocouple elements either uninsulated or insulated for further assembly into sheaths or equipment.

Need some help?

If you are unsure exactly what you need, get in touch and we can help identify your requirements.

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We’ve made thermocouples for over 25 years and today we are considered the best choice for custom built temperature sensors in the UK. We continue to apply our expertise and invest in the latest technology to provide our customers with the highest quality temperature sensors available.

Contact us with your requirements if you have an existing sensor design or are unsure what you need we’ll be able to find you get the right sensor for your process.

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