Achieving Temperature Sensor Accuracy

Temperature Sensor Accuracy is Vital

Temperature sensor accuracy is vital to ensure that temperature sensors give effective measurements. At Peak Sensors, we work to standards including BS EN 60584-1:2013 for thermocouples, and BS EN 60751:2008 for resistance thermometers.

By working together with other parties including calibration laboratories, element manufacturers and other sensor makers we can take your design requirements and produce a highly accurate temperature sensor.

Calibration Laboratories

All calibrations have uncertainty ranges. Individual calibrations at accredited laboratories such as UKAS can cost £200 or more each. For this multiple readings will be made in highly controlled conditions. The results in this case may produce small uncertainty figures, but should give a sensor buyer an idea of what level of temperature sensor accuracy their product has.

Sensor Manufacturers

Subsequent work on an element by a sensor assembly maker can do nothing to increase the nominal accuracy of temperature sensor. Good design can minimise new errors. Poor design can create huge errors. Individual sensors in a batch can also have small physical differences which can influence final readings. The smaller the sensor the more significant this is. The only way a sensor manufacturer can test and solve problems with temperature sensor accuracy is to send the completed assembly for a final off site calibration, which is often a costly expense.

Application Conditions

Temperature sensors can suffer many sources of application error. Poor immersion, radiation error, conduction error, poor location, electrical pickup, thermal drift, etc. These problems can be solved by producing designs that consider temperature sensor accuracy and how it will affect how the sensor is put together.


It is inevitable for all the manufacturers in the design and manufacturing process to completely eradicate error. However, quality element makers, sensor makers and calibration labs will be familiar with and will work to reduce these errors. If the accuracy of a temperature sensor is absolutely vital, then final assembly calibration is the only way to achieve the best results.

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If you want to order a temperature sensor or you are unsure exactly what you need, get in touch and we can help you.

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