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Platinum Rhodium Alloy Recycling

Reduce the cost of rare metal thermocouples

Rare metal thermocouples (Type B, Type R and Type S) contain the metals Platinum & Rhodium. It is beneficial to recycle these metals to reduce the costs of your rare metal thermocouples. You can offset the cost of any new sensors with the value of recovered rare metals. For example, a customer came to us with a failed Type B thermocouple. Our quote for a replacement probe was £3100. We were able to recover £1200 worth of scrap platinum saving the customer 38% on the cost of a replacement thermocouple.

£6000 saved per year

This particular customer has 100 Type B thermocouples of similar designs in a glass furnace and suffers around five failures a year through harsh use. This customer was able to save £6000 per year in replacement costs in this thermocouple design alone. We offer excellent recovery prices, please contact us to see if we can reduce your costs.

Temperature Sensor Calibration

Temperature sensors are calibrated to ensure they are reading accurately and to specification.

At Peak Sensors we offer both UKAS 17025 accredited calibration and traceable laboratory calibration in collaboration with Electroserv+ Ltd. Temperature sensors can be calibrated up to 2200oC and to full UKAS standards. Calibration can be to any number of points. Calibration certificates will be issued on completion. On-site calibration visits are available, they can be organised through Peak Sensors with Electroserv+ engineers visiting site.

Through our calibration collaboration we can calibrate existing sensors, offer calibration as part of the manufacturing process for new sensors built by Peak Sensors or provide on-site calibration visits.

If you are interested in temperature sensor calibration, call us on 01246 261999 or email for a quotation.

High temperature thermocouple with a platium thimble

Thermocouple Repair & Temperature Sensor Replacement

Reduce the replacement cost of failed thermocouples

As well as platinum recycling many other components (such as sheaths, heads, flanges & cables) can be recovered and reused in repaired thermocouple probes. The reused components from your old sensors will reduce the cost of repaired thermocouples. We have under taken many contracts for the repair and replacement of thermocouples and we take care to consider all contamination risks while ensuring thermocouples are repaired to an “as new” condition to give maximum sensor life.

Thousands of pounds saved in silicon manufacture

A silicon manufacturer contacted us to help reduce the costs of their Type B thermocouples. Their furnace has a 50 day life, and we worked with them closely to recover as many costs as possible. We now provide a regular service conducting thermocouple repair and replacement during furnace rebuilds. This has helped reduce their costs massively, saving them thousands of pounds each year.

Depending on your thermocouple design, your processes and your volume, different sensor components can be reused. We can assess your individual needs and provide a repair service that will give you the best cost saving. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

Furnace Surveys

Ensure temperature uniformity

We can carry out furnace surveys to test and demonstrate furnace uniformity. The furnace survey can be tailored to meet your own specification or carried out to meet any recognised standard. A certificate will be issued with full graphical representation of results. We can minimise your furnace down time by conducting the survey at unsociable hours ensuring minimum impact to your process.

Furnace surveys to Rolls Royce standards

We have conducted surveys to customers own standards, Rolls Royce standards and AMS 2750 F. Furnace surveys usually last a day and we will provide all temperature sensors and instrumentation. We often conduct surveys on annealing furnaces but can demonstrate uniformity on any chamber you require such as cold rooms or autoclaves. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Onsite Surveys & Calibration

Inspection, testing and calibration of all instrumentation and sensors

We can test and calibrate your entire temperature measuring and control system including both your sensors and instrumentation. We will provide calibrated probes to test your furnace and use instruments to simulate your sensors to check for any errors in your control systems. Surveys can be conducted as planned maintenance at fixed intervals with calibration certificates provided on completion of the survey. 

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