Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors (Anti-vibration)

Automotive Exhaust Gas Temperature Measurement

Thermocouples to measure the temperature of exhaust gases are a key element of modern engine management. Measuring the temperature of exhaust gas can provide an important input into system algorithms to improve efficiency, reduce pollutants and extend engine life. Peak Sensors manufacture exhaust gas temperature sensors for a wide variety of automotive brands and projects.

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Exhaust Thermocouple Design

Exhaust gas temperature sensors are usually thermocouples due to the very high temperatures involved. Often 800°C or more can be achieved.

High Vibration Environment, Fast Response, Corrosion Resistance

The primary requirement of an Exhaust Gas Thermocouple is to be robust enough to survive a high vibration environment. After that it must be small enough to respond quickly and not disrupt gas flows. The exhaust thermocouple needs a gas seal and sheath to protect it from the corrosive combustion products.

Making probes robust enough usually means building them from mineral insulated cable. This is a very tough product. The cable can go directly into the gas stream, or can have a secondary stainless sheath to toughen it up even more. Mineral Insulated cable can be easily bent to suit the required route around the engine.

Protection sheaths are usually a high chrome stainless. Something like 446SS or 310SS are often suited. Applications below 800°C may use cheaper grades.

Gas seals are either threads welded to protection sheaths or compression fittings, which screw into the manifold.

Example Exhaust Gas Thermocouple

The exhaust gas thermocouple below includes some signal conditioning electronics to produce a linear mV output at a much higher voltage than would normally be expected of a thermocouple. The temperature sensor is used with a compression fitting to form a gas seal.



Type Designation:


Temperature Range:

0 to 1250 ° C depending on thermocouple sensor type

Common Sensor Types:

K or J

Common Diameters :

Ø 3.0mm

Common Sheaths:

316 SS, 321 SS, 310 SS

Cold End Max Temp:

80 ° C


Application Notes:

  • Bespoke designs suited to each automotive application
  • Able to withstand strong vibration
  • Optional electronics to modify thermocouple signal
  • Sheath material, diameter and length designed to suit your application

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