Triplex Thermocouple Designs For Glass Manufacture

Triplex Thermocouple Designs

A triplex thermocouple is a temperature sensor that is commonly used in a glass forehearth. It can monitor the condition of the glass before forming into shapes. The sensors provide feedback to heaters allowing temperature control across the glass channel. The triplex sensors have three measuring points at defined positions along the sensor length. Glass depths are often around 150mm. Three measuring points, say 25, 75, and 125mm from the bottom give the temperature profile of the glass flow. A thimble 200mm is normally adequate.

Triplex thermocouples are often in banks of 4 pieces. One upstream, central in the channel, detecting the approaching glass flow temperatures, then 3 in a line across the glass channel as the product nears the bowl.

There are a number of design arrangements possible.

UK Made Triplex Thermocouples

We are a UK triplex thermocouple manufacturer. Building these sensors is a specialised service that we have been providing since 1997. We are now a major world supplier of Triplex Thermocouples to Glassworks. We have unique assembly techniques designed to give long life and accuracy, as we understand an extended lifetime is vital to keep production costs to a minimum.

The quality of components used in the assembly is vital. We only use top-quality European-sourced ceramics and rare metals to ensure that product quality is kept to a maximum.

Typical Layout for a Triplex Thermocouple

Triplex thermocouple

Typical layout for a Tri-Level Sensor for Glass Forehearth

Most plants use variations on the drawing above but change Heads, Lengths, Diameters, Materials etc according to their specific plant requirement. Peak Sensors does not have a standard triplex design. We build assemblies according to customer requirements. Why not give us a call today to see how you may be able to make use of a triplex thermocouple solution in your glassworks?

If you want to order a temperature sensor or you are unsure exactly what you need, get in touch and we can help you.

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