24mm OD x 18mm ID – Recrystalised Alumina Tube – Closed One End

£116.77£226.07 Exc VAT

A pure and tough ceramic exhibiting hardness and vacuum tightness. Excellent in oxidising and reducing atmospheres. Fair thermal shock resistance. Often used in rare metal thermocouples.

  • Equivalent to Alsint
  • Basic Composition: Al2O3 99.7%
  • Temperature Limits: 1750°C
  • International Standards: DIN VDE 0335 C799
  • Density: 3.9 g/cm³
  • Melting Range: 2072°C
  • Coefficient of Expansion: 8 x10-6 / ° C
  • Thermal Conductivity: 26 W/m ° C
  • Length and Diameter Tolerance: DIN 40680 Medium

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