Special Railway Probe

We’ve worked closely with one of our customers to develop and manufacture a special Railway Probe. It is a Resistance Thermometer Pt1000 with 316 stainless steel protection sheath and a M14 process thread. The hydraulic oil temperature probe is vibration resistant and works within a 0oC to 150oC temperature range.

PT1000 special railway probes
PT1000 special railway probes
PT1000 railway probe
PT1000 special railway probes

Resistance Thermometer Detector Specification:

  • Pt1000 to BS EN 60751:2008
  • 2 Wire Configuration
  • 316 Stainless Steel Protection Sheath
  • 5.0mm Sheath Diameter
  • M14 Process Thread
  • Vibration Resistant
  • 0oC to 150oC temperature range

If you are looking for support with developing or manufacturing a custom design Pt1000 or Resistance Thermometer our technical team at Peak Sensors would be happy to help.

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