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UK Manufactured Temperature Sensors

From one off repairs to thousands of bespoke sensors

We manufacture and supply a full range of temperature sensors. If you can’t find what you are looking for below, get in touch with us. We can help you identify your broken sensors or help design sensors for new applications.

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Custom-made thermocouples of all types in many different configurations including:

Base Metal Thermocouple

OEM Temperature Sensor Subassemblies

If you make a product that requires temperature measurement we can supply custom sensor assemblies designed to be included in your products. We regularly help companies design sensors for inclusion in their products and contract manufacture thousands of sensors for OEM products.

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Custom Pt100 Temperature Sensors

Thermistor Assemblies

We can manufacture thermistor assemblies. Both as one-off’s or high volume. We can manufacture and design almost any configuration of thermistor sensor. See all thermistor details.

Sensors for Special Applications

As well as custom thermocouples and resistance thermometers we manufacture many sensors for special applications. Temperature sensors that are designed to be used in a certain application. Special sensors include

See All Sensors for Special Applications

POX probe

Sensor Services

As well as building temperature sensors we offer a number of related services:

  • Platinum Rhodium Alloy Recycling
  • Temperature Sensor Calibration
  • Temperature Sensor Repair & Replacement
  • Furnace Surveys
  • Onsite Surveys

See details of our sensor services

Made in Britain

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