Peak Sensors Continues Work With Glass Industry

Temperature Sensors for the Glass Industry

Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to produce designs and manufacture products for big name customers working in the glass industry. Not only do we work on behalf of some of the biggest suppliers of glass in the UK, but we also work with a number of high profile customers abroad too. Our custom temperature sensors appear to be a hit with glassworks all around the world. Following recent data analysis, we have noted an increase in the amount of orders being received from UK based glass works. Which as exciting trend for both our business and the glass industry itself.

What Are The Keys To Our Success?

The main key to our success, especially when it comes to working with glass manufacturers has to be our knowledge and understanding of their industrial processes. This is helpful to us, as we can design our temperature sensors exactly to their needs. It offers our clients peace of mind, as they can be assured they are working alongside true manufacturing professionals. Few other custom built manufacturers can provide this level of dedication. Year on year, we continue to meet the ever increasing demand for our temperature sensors.

Another great thing about Peak Sensors is that as a business we are all committed to providing a high level of customer service. Our experts meet customers offering free advice to help them get the best value for money.

Range of Glass Sensors

Our range of glass industry specific products is often discussed amongst our clients. Popular products include Glass Level Electrodes, Glass Bubblers, Triplex and Single Point Thermocouples which can all be designed and manufactured to meet your defined requirements.

Glass level electrode

Sensor Prices Are Falling Thanks To New Rare Metal Resources

The price of many of our thermocouples, glass level electrodes and a range of other sensors have lowered recently. This is thanks in part, to our ever thriving commitment to reduce the manufacturing costs of our goods. Whilst of course striving for the same level of quality as set by the industry.

Another reason for our price reduction has been the decrease in cost for rare metals. An increase in mining extraction in South Africa has helped boost the level of resources available to manufacturers. We have now been able to lower the prices and offer more competitive rates on our rare metal goods.

Chat To Us About Glass Temperature Sensors

Need free friendly advice on temperature sensors for your glass industry works? Would you like to discuss your temperature sensor requirements? Maybe you are looking to replace worn or damaged sensors? We are the team to call. Contact a member of our technical sales department on 01246 261999 today.

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