Type T Thermocouples

UK Manufactured Type T Thermocouple

Type T Thermocouple is a Base metal thermocouple made from conductors containing Copper, and Copper – Nickel alloys and is suited for measuring temperatures up to +350°C. We manufacture type T thermocouples to your specifications or as replacements to existing sensors. We have manufactured thermocouples for over 25 years and are solely focused on designing and manufacturing temperature sensors. Please call or email us to discuss your requirements.

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Type T Thermocouple Designs

Thermocouples can come in a variety of designs suited to different applications. View the details of each type of design we offer for Type T.

Mineral Insulated Type T – Metal sheath insulated with magnesium oxide powder also called MIMS.
Cable/Wire Type T – Flexible sensors in PVC, PTFE or Glass Fibre. Many cold and hot-end designs.
Type T Inserts – Rigid metal tubes commonly used in pocket, thermowell or head assemblies.
Type T Elements – Basic elements for further assembly into sheaths or equipment.

Thermocouple Type T Technical Details

T type thermocouple is suited for low temperatures and is used as a cryogenic sensor. This type of thermocouple copes with water present. It has a sensitivity of about 43 µV/°C.

Type T Thermocouple Temperature Range


-185 to +300 °C

Short Term:

-250 to +400 °C

Type T Thermocouple Material

Copper (Cu)

Constantan (55%Cu, 45%Ni)

Type T Thermocouple Tolerance Details

Tolerance Class 1

-40 to +125 ± 0.5°C

125 to 350 ± 0.004*[t]°C

Tolerance Class 2

-40 to +133 ± 1.0°C

133 to 350 ± 0.0075*[t]°C

Type T Thermocouple Colour Codes

IEC Colour Code

Type T IEC Cable Colour Coding

BS Colour Code

Type T BS Cable Colour Coding

ANSI Colour Code

Type T ANSI Cable Colour Coding

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We’ve made Type T Thermocouples for over 25 years and today we are considered the best choice for custom built temperature sensors in the UK. We continue to apply our expertise and invest in the latest technology to provide our customers with the highest quality temperature sensors available.

Contact us with your requirements if you have an existing sensor design or are unsure what you need we’ll be able to find you get the right sensor for your process.

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