Type K Standard Thermocouple Connectors

£5.83 Exc VAT

Standard Construction:

  • 200°C maximum temperature rating
  • Glass-filled thermoplastic body with original thermocouple material pins and spring-loaded inserts.
  • IEC Colour Coded

Standard connectors drawings

Delivery time: 1 week, subject to stock availability.

£5.83 Exc VAT
£5.83 Exc VAT
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        Technical Information

        Shipping Information

        • Polarised pins ensure proper connection.
        • Central cover screw design for quick wiring
        • Easy wire connection through sandwich construction.
        • Captive cover screw for easy assembly.
        • Moulded barriers prevent short circuit.
        • Rugged one body design.
        • Stainless Steel screws with combination head (Slotted and Phillips)
        Wire size:
        • Accepts wires up to 1.6 mm.
        • Maximum cable diameter 8.0 mm.

        Delivery time: 1 week, subject to stock availability.

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