Thermocouples for Monitoring and Testing

Monitoring & Testing Temperature

Monitoring and testing is a very broad area that Peak Sensors manufacture sensors for. We supply to various testing laboratories and manufacturers of equipment that use our temperature sensors for many applications. We not only make and supply sensors but there is a wide range of supporting products we supply from fish spine ceramic beads to instrumentation. Whatever the application we have the expertise to supply the best temperature sensor for your process.

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Monitoring and Testing Applications

Our aim is to help you solve your temperature problems. There is an ever increasing list of areas of temperature sensors are used in. Currently our temperature sensors and related products are used in:

  • Curtain Wall and Fire Testing
  • Blast Resistance Testings
  • Product Safety Testing
  • Thermal Testing
  • Fluid Testing
  • Material Testing
  • Fluid Control
  • Emission Monitoring
  • Stable Isotope Analysis
  • Elemental Analysis
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Energy Monitoring

Non-standard Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors for monitoring applications or specialist testing aren’t often very standard. Luckily we are experts in providing custom temperature sensors and related equipment to meet customer exact specifications. Some of the products we have supplied to monitoring and testing applications include:

  • Thermocouples with handles for insertion
  • Integrated Circuit Temperature Sensors with response tesing
  • Pt100 sensors enclosed in pointed metal pockets
  • High temperature ceramic tubes, insulators and sheaths
  • Platinum Wire
  • Fish Spine Ceramic Beads
  • Thermocouple Calibration
  • Pt100 sensor with glass fibre cable
  • Components such as compression fittings & thermocouple connectors
  • Thermocouple with KNE head
  • ATEX Resistance Thermometers
  • Thermocouples with bayonet fittings
  • Pt100 sensors with custom molex connectors
  • Sensors with glass braid sleeving that is impregnated with a specially formulated silicone resin (Vidaflex)

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We’ve made temperature sensors for over 25 years and today we are considered the best choice for custom built temperature sensors in the UK. We continue to apply our expertise and invest in the latest technology to provide our customers with the highest quality temperature sensors available.

Contact us with your requirements if you have an existing sensor design or are unsure what you need we’ll be able to find you get the right sensor for your process.

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