Temperature Sensors For Engines, Cars & Motors

From Formula 1 to Marine Propulsion

We manufacture temperature sensors for engines and motors. This ranges from high performance motor sport engines to two-stroke diesel ship propulsion engines. Temperature sensors are used in engines for several reasons, including measuring oil temperature and exhaust gas temperature. We also supply a wide range of related components such as platinum thermocouple wire and high temperature ceramics.

Whatever the type of engine, whether it is new high performance powertrain or existing industrial diesel engine, we can supply the appropriate temperature sensor and components. If you are unable identify the specification of thermocouple or resistance thermometer you require, we can also help identify your requirements.

Car manufacturing

Automotive Temperature sensors

We design and manufacture a variety of temperature sensors for automotive use. We work with manufacturers of racing engines, F1 power units and super/hyper car manufacturers with ongoing motorsport involvement. On the other end of the scale we work with various organisations to develop exhaust gas thermocouples for emissions and control. We specialise in creating vibration resistant exhaust thermocouples and can replicate and improve existing sensor designs. We manufacture all sensors for automotive diesel engines mainly supplying organisations that repair and recondition diesel engines.

Marine and Industrial Engine Temperature sensors

We make temperature sensors for both marine and industrial diesel engines. Often these are spares and replacements for existing generator sets and power systems. Temperature sensors manufactured include cylinder head sensors, oil temperature sensors and exhaust gas thermocouples (EGT). Whatever the requirement, we can manufacture a solution to fit.

Temperature sensors for Electric Motors

We supply temperature sensors to various companies in the electric motor industry. From manufacturers to maintenance and repair services. This also includes electric motor winding organisations and manufacturers of linear induction motors used in roller-coasters and baggage conveyors.

If you have requirements for any temperature sensors or related equipment for electric motors please get in touch.

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We’ve made temperature sensors for engines and motors for over 25 years and today we are considered the best choice for custom built temperature sensors in the UK. We continue to apply our expertise and invest in the latest technology to provide our customers with the highest quality temperature sensors available.

Contact us with your requirements if you have an existing sensor design or are unsure what you need we’ll be able to find you get the right sensor for your process.

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