Why Use A Gasification Thermocouple?

Waste Treatment Technology is becoming a more important aspect in society for a number of reasons. Peak Sensors is involved with customers in a number of Gasification Thermocouple designs, and we are actively seeking new clients with novel waste technology developments to develop better temperature control sensors. If recycling options are exhausted or uneconomic, Turning waste into useful products has a number of advantages.

There are a number of proven and commercially viable waste treatment processes. The processes usually involve some degree of temperature control. Peak Sensors is currently collaborating with these waste treatment technology processes.


Changing waste into lighter hydrocarbons for energy production. Thermocouples protect the plant. Pyrolysis is the decomposition of organic matter using heat, without Oxygen. Peak Sensors has been working with a number of process development companies on sensor design to work in this process.

Gasification Thermocouple Design

Producing useful work from waste materials involves high temperature processing to generate the necessary chemical reactions. Elevated temperature waste processing can be a tough environment for temperature sensors. Waste inputs are variable, residues can be aggressive to protection sheaths and material handling can put mechanical loads on sensors.

Gasification Thermocouple design and location will be critical to sensor lifetime and performance. Thermocouples are usually base metal type K or N. These are fairly cheap and easily replaceable. Sensors in higher temperature units (above 1250 °C) will be rare metal Type R or S. These probes are much more expensive and will need much more careful design. Sensors will usually have to provide gas seals.

Waste Treatment Technology at Peak Sensors

For more information about Gasification Thermocouple temperature sensors, please contact Peak Sensors. Our business is to work with design and plant engineers to create bespoke sensors which are optimal for your specific application.

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