Peak Sensors Solve Stove Dome Thermocouple Woes

Improved Stove Dome Thermocouple Designs

A hot blast stove manufacturer was experiencing longevity problems with their thermocouples. Peak Sensors were called in to create a set of unique stove dome thermocouple temperature sensor designs, to help a client control the temperature of a coal injection process inside their stove furnaces.

To optimise the design, variables including pressure and refractory movement had to be considered along with lifetime performance. This had been overlooked by the original supplier, and the fast breakdown of their goods was causing the furnace owners to incur additional costs.

In order to solve the problem, we created a set of custom built assemblies which included Stove Interface, Stove Grid and Stove Dome Thermocouples.

We fitted transmitters to a number of thermocouples. These transmitters were used to convert the original signal output into a 4-20mA signal. The signal could then be transmitted around the plant.

Drawing of a stove dome thermocouple

About The Application

Stove operators all around the world are always trying to save money on coke, a material commonly used in combustion. Coal injection into furnaces can significantly reduce the amount of coke required, saving money on operation. In order for this process to work effectively, it must be carried out at an optimal temperature, which must be controlled by stove dome thermocouples.

With the advancement of coal injection technology over the years, modern hot blast stoves are becoming more and more complex. They run up to a maximum operating temperature of 1450°C. Combusted gas is inside the application, this gas has to be released steadily, with minimal energy loss. Thick interlocking walls are designed to help withstand the pressure created by the gas.

What Was The Outcome?

Peak Sensors won the order and worked quickly to produce the probes, manufacturing well within the project schedule. We delivered the probes and the customer had them installed. Six months later the customer called to say that the thermocouples were all working accurately and that they were very impressed with the solution we had provided. They have since planned to make the probe design their standard solution.

Contact The Stove Dome Thermocouple Experts

Peak Sensors are experts in the design and manufacture of all types of thermocouples. We can work with you to produce a custom-built assembly that meets your exact requirements. Why not give us a call today at 01246 263833 or email us from our contact page?

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