Multiple Spot Temperature Sensors

Peak Sensors has recently been involved in flexible temperature sensors for use in liquid storage tanks. Multiple spot temperature sensors are employed to provide profile thermal information.

Multiple Spot Sensor Design

Pt 100 (RTD) temperature detectors are located along a gas tight 316 SS flexible hose, the length maybe 50 Metres or more. The detectors act individually to provide temperature profile information down the vessel. The SS hose can be connected to the tank base, or weighted to hold it in position. The arrangement can be installed in a secondary sleeve for the most demanding applications.

The sensor array is supported at the top by a thread or flange, both of which can be adjustable for fine height control. Inside our multiple spot temperature sensors, resistance elements will are supplied which conform to IEC 751. Our RTD accuracy class B is normal. However higher grade elements can be utilised in the assembly.

In order to further improve accuracy. Individual temperature point calibration can be undertaken if required. RTD’s will usually be in a 3 wire arrangement. Only immersed temperature sensor readings should be used for profile information. Multiple spot temperature sensors can have up to 20 individual sensing points, although more could be accommodated if required. Peak sensors has supplied multipoint sensors with 64 discrete points, and that is not an absolute limit. These probes are made to order so individual requirements can be accommodated.

Temperature Limits

The temperature range of multiple spot temperature sensors is normally limited to 250°C, however special versions can be made with a rating of 500°C. Cheaper units with a range limited to 100°C is also possible.

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